Sustainable Finance and Development Goals

Sustainable Finance and Development Goals

Paper Session

Tuesday, July 17, 2024

3:30 AM – 3:30 PM (GMT) 

Seminar Room 1                   Chair: Emmanuel Codjoe, University of Ghana

The Role of Islamic Finance in Promoting/Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in
African Economies

 Roméo Parfait Ngaha*, University of Yaounde II 

Determinants of Pension Fund Asset Allocation Decisions in Emerging Economies: The Fund Manager’s Perspective

Macmillan Handema*, University of Lusaka 

The Economic Impact of Increased VAT on the Nigerian Economy

 Joseph Phiri*, University of Lusaka
Veronica C Choolwe, University of Lusaka 
Peter Kondwani Phiri, University of Lusaka 

Socrates Majune, University of Nairobi
Ronnie Migwi, University of Nairobi
Bukola Odediran, SPEESSECE ATBU