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Book Celebrations

AFEA’s Book Celebrations are an opportunity for AFEA members to share their newly published books with AFEA members and others. Books are submitted for the Book Celebration once each year. An email is sent to AFEA members requesting submissions for newly published books. When a book is submitted, the author/editor will be asked to submit an abstract/brief description of the book to be posted on the Book Spotlight on the AFEA website. The author/editor of the book will also be asked to provide a short video clip highlighting the key issues in the book. This video clip will be posted on the AFEA YouTube channel

You must be a current member of AFEA to submit a book for the Book Celebration.
Please join or renew prior to submitting your book.

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Dear Dr. Okonjo-Iweala

Re: Congratulatory Message

On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the African Finance and Economics Association (AFEA), we wish to send a hearty congratulation to you on your meritorious emergence as the Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) – the first African and female to head the organization. We are proud of your accomplishments and giant strides towards human and economic development across the globe, especially in Africa.

As a professional association of academicians and practitioners (government and industry) of finance, economics, and related disciplines with scholarly, professional, and other similar interests in the development of Africa, AFEA is committed to promoting policy-relevant research efforts towards development in Africa.

We are ready to support your leadership in promoting similar development initiatives that not only promote the African scholarship, but also, addresses regional development gaps in the continent. Avenues through which we can have mutual collaborations and support of your initiatives and efforts include:

1. Research on topics that are relevant to WTO’s initiatives

2. Invitation to be a keyonote speaker at AFEA annual luncheon

3. Joint sessions between AFEA and WTO at AFEA sponsored sessions and conferences, as well as AFEA members

presenting in WTO seminars and workshops

4. Diseminating joint research through Journal of African Development (JAD) 

We wish you well in your tenure.