Annual Conferences


AFEA organises sessions at the Eastern Economics Association (EEA) and the Western Economics Association International (WEAI) conferences. 

AFEA Annual Conference 

AFEA will hold annual conferences in Africa, starting 2021. These annual conferences are hosted by partner institutions of higher learning in Africa. 

Hosting the AFEA Annual Conference

AFEA’s annual conferences are crucial for nurturing our organization and our mission. Below is some general information about hosting AFEA Annual Conference in Africa:

  • It is AFEA’s main venue for promoting research dissemination, networking and collaboration among members and potential members. 
  • It typically brings together approximately individuals from around the world who participate in plenary and concurrent paper sessions, workshops, and business meetings. 
  • It usually takes place over three days, typically in late June or July. 
  • It is most often held at university campuses or institutes during periods when the campus is under-utilized.
  • AFEA policy is to rotate the site of the annual conference among locations in Africa. 
  • Site selection is made 2 years in advance.


To submit a site proposal, please click here to fill out the questionnaire. Information provided in this questionnaire will help the conferences committee and AFEA board of directors to assess the resources available at your institute or university to host an AFEA conference.

Thank you for your dedication and willingness to serve AFEA. Hosting a conference is a significant commitment, and we appreciate the hard work and effort of the people who are willing to take on this important task. The Annual Conference is very important to the life of AFEA, and the contributions of local hosts are a real gift to the organization. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the AFEA office,, with questions or requests for assistance as you create your proposal.  We look forward to hearing from you!