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AFEA YouTube Channel


Welcome to African Finance and Economics Association (AFEA) official YouTube channel.  This channel provides an avenue for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to share succinct video summaries of their research papers, policy statements, and commentaries on emerging issues, as well as new developments that directly impact Africa’s development.  Further, anyone publishing in the Journal of African Development (JAD) is strongly encouraged to provide a video summary of their article. All video clips should be no more than 5 minutes in length.


Video clips posted on this channel include among other things, non-partisan, non-political one-on-one interviews, roundtable discussions and fireside chats with prominent researchers and academicians, policy makers, presidents from African countries, finance ministers,  and leaders from think-tanks whose operations impact Africa’s economic development.


AFEA is a professional Association for academicians and practitioners (government and industry) of economics, finance, and related disciplines with scholarly, professional or other similar interests in the development of Africa. Membership in AFEA is open to individuals and organizations having an interest in the development, understanding, teaching, and application of the principles and theories of economics and finance as they relate to Africa.

Facebook Page

Facebook is a popular social networking website, especially among undergraduates and graduate students. We now have an AFEA page of our own on Facebook. If you have a profile already, join us, and if not, you can create a profile and join. Please be sure to encourage any students who show a special interest in AFEA to join.

As a new generation of scholars makes its way through the pipeline, let us take advantage of all the new tools out there to build a strong network and share our resources. Facebook allows AFEA to publicize conferences and create community, especially among students. 


You can now follow us on Twitter.

If you do not have a twitter account and would like a visual guide to setting one up, please check out our “how to tweet” video available on Youtube